City Tech offers Honors courses each semester. Specially-designed honors courses emphasize critical thinking, verbal skills and creative problem-solving. Honors Students report that they enjoy the atmosphere of these classes, which provide opportunities to pursue ideas in ways they cannot in traditional classes. Most students find that honors courses stimulate them to be more responsive and creative.

Enrollment in the honors sections requires special permission. Please make an appointment with Mr. Christopher Navarrete at 718.254.8668 or e-mail him at if you are interested in taking any of the honors courses.

Currently Offered Honors Courses

Check the schedule of classes for the day(s) and time(s) of Honors courses. Note that Honors sections have an “H” after the course number. To search for Honors sections, be sure to include the H after the course number in the search box.

  • ENG 1773ID: Weird Science: Interpreting and Redefining Humanity
    Spring 2019

City Tech encourages students who have demonstrated high academic achievement to undertake honors-level work in any appropriate course. Honors work normally involves substantial independent research and/or projects in addition to the normal requirements of the course. Specific expectations for contract honors credit must be negotiated between the student and professor and approved by both the department chairperson and the Honors Scholars Program Director. Honors credit is noted on the transcript as “Honors Project” followed by the course and semester.

The Contract for Honors Credit in a Regular Course (PDF) should be completed and signed by the student and professor as soon as possible. The original contract needs to be submitted six weeks after the first day of class to the Honors Scholars Program office (Midway 308). Copies should be retained by both professor and student to avoid any misunderstanding about the expectations for Honors credit. Upon completion of the course the professor should report satisfactory performance of this contract, with a grade of B or better, to the Honors Scholars Program Director in order for Honors credit to be placed on the student’s transcript.

Students who complete a Contract for Honors Credit in a Regular Course are required to attend four workshops, participate in the Honors Scholars Poster Presentation, and submit a copy of the project at the end of the semester. Please refer to our Events page for the dates of the required workshops and poster presentation.

Required Workshops I for Honors in a Regular Course:
  1. Writing Abstracts for Research Projects
  2. Advancing Library Research Techniques
  3. Developing and Delivering Effective Research Presentations
  4. Designing a Research Poster Presentation

Required Workshops II for Honors in a Regular Course:
  1. Advanced Writing Abstracts for Research Projects
  2. ePortfolios for Academic and Career Advancement
  3. How to Write a Personal Statement
  4. Writing Effective Cover and Thank You Letters

Optional Workshop I & II
for Honors Scholars who can not attend a workshop
  • Getting Your Poster into Academic Works

Upcoming Events

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Contact Information

Location: Midway Building, room 308 • Phone: 718.254.8668 • Email:

Program Administration

Dr. Reneta D. Lansiquot
Interim Director of the Honors Scholars Program

Dr. Jean Hillstrom
Assistant Director of the Honors Scholars Program

Mr. Christopher Navarrete
Coordinator of the Honors Scholars Program

Dr. Diana Samaroo
Chapter Advisor, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)

Dr. Janet Liou-Mark
Founding Director of the Honors Scholars Program