• Who are City Tech Honors Scholar students?

    HSP students at City Tech maintain a GPA of 3.4 or greater, may also be members of the National Society for Collegiate Scholars, and participate in workshops and events that support research skills, networking, intellectual growth, and preparedness for graduate studies.

  • Why should I become a HSP faculty mentor?

    You should consider this service opportunity if you are aiming to support the goals of City Tech’s most motivated students. HSP students have a track record of academic success, motivation, and leadership. When a HSP student in your course asks you to serve as a research mentor, you should first consider if you have the time to make the commitment. Research mentors will need to hold regular meetings with their HSP student outside of the regular class schedule, and this can be done virtually or in-person. You can also look at the GPAs of student enrolled in your course to identify candidates for the program and project. 

  • I’m currently not conducting any research; can I serve as a research mentor?

    Yes! While on-going research projects and labs are a great way to offer mentorship, in many cases, the HSP student in your course will already have a research idea of their own! A conversation about the topic and its development, as well as being a good fit, is strongly encouraged. Remember, the student will become the expert; you are the mentor on their journey. For example, an HSP student from the BTech in Architectural Technology program might be inclined to complete their HSP project in a health course on a project that connects both disciplines (e.g., building accessible health care facilities).

  • What paperwork do I need to complete with my student(s)?

    You will need to work with the student to complete the HSP Contract. This document requires your signature and the signature of your department chair. This needs to be completed and submitted by the student early in the semester (by week 4).

  • What information do I need to contribute for completing the contract?

    • Title & description (work with your student to develop these) • Assessment plan (briefly describe how you will determine and evaluate the objectives of the research project). Because there are so many disciplines represented at our college, as a mentor, you have the autonomy to decide what work’s best for you. • Presentation format (we ask that you help guide your student on the best format for their project, given your disciplinary standards). Students may do either an academic poster or an 8–10-minute talk on the HSP student panel. For posters, make clear the designation as STEM, non-STEM or Interdisciplinary. Also, if it is a group project, make that is clear on the contract as well.

  • How do I get started with an Honors project?

    Students should start by asking one of their current professors if they would like to give them an Honors project. If the professor is unsure of what an Honors project is, then the student can show them the Honors in a regular course contract and/or refer them to the Honors Scholars Program coordinator, Christopher Navarrete’s email address. If the professor is willing to give the student an Honors project and become that student’s mentor, then they will both decide on what the project will be about.

    Please view our Curriculum page for more information. 

  • Do Honors projects have to be research related? 

    No, Honors projects can be research or non-research related. For example, students can create an Honors project about photography or writing an original computer program. 

    Please view our Curriculum page for more information. 

  • How do I register for an Honors course?

    Students can register for Honors courses through CUNYfirst; it is the same process as registering for normal courses. Note that Honors courses will have the letter “H” after the course number.

    Please view our Curriculum page for more information. 

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Contact Information

Location: Pearl Building P-511 • 259 Adams Street • Email: honorsscholars@citytech.cuny.eduPhone: 718.254.8668

Program Administration

Dr. Reneta D. Lansiquot-Panagiotakis
Director of the Honors Scholars Program
NSCS Chapter Co-Advisor
Co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Design Game-Based Learning Lab

Prof. Tamrah D. Cunningham
Interim Assistant Director of the Honors Scholars Program
NSCS Chapter Co-Advisor
Co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Design Game-Based Learning Lab

Ms. Julie Lynch
Coordinator of the Honors Scholars Program